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BioXscan averages – how do you measure up?

By Christie 0
  • Women make up almost three-quarters of bioXscanners so far! Come on guys!
  • One in three scanners have unhealthy visceral (organ) fat.
  • Training hard and still too much body fat?

We have been doing some mathematical analysis here at bioXscan and we thought we’d share some interesting insights with you based on what we have found so far. Before you read on, please know that your personal scan data is confidential and we will never share your scan with anyone.

Every scan we do is saved on our machine (with a unique code) and we have scanned hundreds of local people so far. Christie is a bit of a Maths geek and thought it was time for some number crunching.

The ladies are loving the upfront stats and instant feedback they get on the instant printout, and 70% of our scans are of women! Go ladies! I wonder why this is? There is no hiding from your bioXscan, so I wonder if the ladies are more willing to find out the cold, hard truth than the guys?

Each scan comes with a suggested target weight and we find that for most people, this is the number they had in mind. This is broken down into suggested changes in fat and muscle to obtain this – reinforcing that it’s not the total weight that is important; it’s the composition of fat and muscle on your body. The average fat loss suggestion was 10 kg per man and 12kg per woman.


You know that fat that lies around your organs in your tummy like on the Live Lighter TV advert? That’s called visceral fat and this is dangerous fat which can impair the functioning of your organs, and lead to disease. One out of three bioXscanners have an unhealthy amount of visceral fat, scoring more than 10, which means two out of three are in the healthy range.

The graph below shows the percentage of people who scored within each range of the visceral fat score. Remember, a score of 10 or lower is in the healthy range.


visceral fat graph for blog

We find that a lot of bioXscanners have a healthy amount of muscle on their limbs and trunk, but that there is an excess of body fat. If you’re exercising and getting stronger but the wobble isn’t going, it’s likely that you need to look at your diet more so than your training regime. It has often been said that your physique is 80% diet related and 20% exercise. A non-exerciser who eats healthy will often have a better body composition than a frequent exerciser who eats a very unhealthy diet.


For men, a body fat percentage of 10-20% is considered healthy, and for women, 18 – 28% is considered healthy. We found that almost half of the males we have scanned are outside the upper limit, with 1 out of 7 of men having more than 40% body fat. For women, 2 out of 5 are above the upper healthy limit, with 1 in 6 having a very high body fat percentage of more than 40%.

We talk more about visceral fat in our “What is visceral fat anyway, and why should I care?” article.

If you are looking to create some change around your body composition but aren’t sure where to start, contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss your goals.

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